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    A few months ago, it was rumored that ESPN would be buying out Fox Sports for $4 billion.

    But now, ESPN is officially moving on.

    The network announced today that it has closed its deal with Fox Sports to become the exclusive home for the NFL’s home games.

    This is the network’s first time becoming the home of a major NFL franchise since 1994.

    ESPN also confirmed that the network has been acquired by Univision, which is in talks to buy its flagship network, Univision Deportes.

    The deal will be announced later this month.

    Fox Sports will also be part of ESPN’s SportsCenter and a new network called ESPN+ will be launched in 2019.

    The new networks are expected to launch around the same time as the new network, which will be called ESPN3.

    ESPN3 will be hosted by NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen and ESPN SportsCenter anchor David M. Givens, who will anchor the show, as well as a new team of anchors, including Mike Francesa, Trent Dilfer, and Mark Schlabach.

    ESPN+ is expected to debut in 2020, and will consist of a new series of “ESPN+ Original,” which will focus on a select group of ESPN personalities and personalities on ESPN and ESPN.

    ESPN is also expected to begin televising the NBA All-Star Game. 

    In the sports world, ESPN has always been a destination for the sports-entertainment industry.

    For decades, it has hosted the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, NBA All Star, NBA Playoffs, World Series, College Basketball, and many others.

    In recent years, however, it’s become a destination where most of its games are held, as ESPN’s coverage of the NFL has been severely limited. 

    ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

    The company is also owned by Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal.

    The ESPN brand has been the dominant sports brand in the United States since 1984.

    The brand is part of the ESPN family of brands, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deporte, and ESPN Classic.


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