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    By Emily BazelonPublished May 08, 2018 09:52:17The big data revolution is here.

    The new data-driven tools are helping us analyze data and build predictive models to predict the next move of a nation.

    Now, a new report from the Center for American Progress argues that the same data-intensive tools that helped us find the Panama Papers may be used to investigate and uncover corruption in the Clinton Foundation.CPA experts Mark Johnson and Paul Ryan argue that, given the new data, there is a strong case to investigate the Clinton foundation and the Clinton family for corruption.

    “The new data are more than just an advantage in the fight against corruption,” Johnson wrote in a blog post on Friday.

    “The data tell us the story of how the Clinton Family and its friends and family members have used the power of data to manipulate our politics, and to enrich themselves and their political allies at the expense of our democracy.

    Johnson and Ryan wrote that the new research is critical in “rebuilding trust” in the American political process and in the investigation of the Clinton corruption.

    The findings were published by the Center last week.

    The Clinton campaign has been quick to point to the findings as proof that they’re doing a good job fighting corruption.

    They argue that the research is just a start and argue that it’s only one step in the long, complicated path to getting to the bottom of corruption.”

    There are other institutions that have used data-based tools to help them evade accountability for their activities. “

    But it is not the only one.

    There are other institutions that have used data-based tools to help them evade accountability for their activities.

    We are committed to making this a national scandal.”

    The Clinton team has dismissed the report as “outlandish” and said that the findings are just the latest in a series of examples of data-related research being used to make questionable judgments about the Clinton’s charitable work.

    But Johnson and Ryan argue it’s not just a question of whether the Clinton campaign and its allies are doing a poor job fighting graft.

    The data are also a tool for good, they write.

    The Clinton data could also help the Clinton camp identify and prevent the spread of false stories that are often promoted by right-wing news sites and conspiracy theories.

    In a statement, the Clinton team said that its work with CPA “is aimed at making it harder for the spread and abuse of information, which has become so widespread.

    We have a policy of not discussing any political party’s fundraising or political operations.”

    But Johnson said that while the data could help fight corruption, it also poses a risk for the Clinton Campaign and other political parties because it could be used for propaganda purposes.

    The data could be an advantage for the Trump campaign because they’re in a much stronger position to track the spread, and they can use it to make their own case, he wrote.

    But the data also could also be used by Trump supporters to spread misinformation about their candidate, and that could create a “chilling effect,” he said.

    Johnson and Johnson have been trying to find out what the data says about how the Clintons operate and how it might affect their own campaigns, and the new report could help them do that.

    The report is not intended to be an exhaustive investigation of Hillary Clinton’s past political activities, but instead is aimed at laying out what has been uncovered and highlighting the ways in which Clinton has misused the power and resources of data and data-focused analytics to promote her own political goals, they argue.

    The report concludes that, “There are a number of indications that the Clinton-Gates Foundation has engaged in criminal activity and misappropriated data and other resources in order to influence public policy in a way that benefited its donors, its clients and its donors’ own financial interests.”


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