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    President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will not engage in the sort of bullying that has so often defined the past few years in the United States.

    Trump was at the NRA convention in Louisville, Kentucky, for the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association.

    Trump said he has spoken to NRA executives about how they are treating members of the media.

    “I think that you have a lot of great people there,” he said.

    “But I have a very strong feeling that the media are being bullied by them.

    And I will not stand for it.

    We will not tolerate it.

    They bully us. “

    You see it in other countries.

    They bully us.

    They lie.

    They cheat.

    They steal our country.

    And yet we are the most protected country in the world.”

    He also said he will have a tough time with “certain groups of people” and he will use the bully pulpit.

    “We will do it through peaceful means,” Trump said.

    The president also made a veiled threat to North Korea.

    “If they don’t back down, I will have total and complete military power over North Korea,” he told the NRA.

    “They can’t have it.

    It’s too big.

    They’re too strong.

    But I will say this, North Korea will be hit and they will be totally wiped out.”

    Trump, who has repeatedly called the U.S. military a “disaster” for the country, was responding to a question about whether North Korea could hit the U


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