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    The Trump administration has been under heavy criticism for the slow pace of its agenda, including its stalled implementation of Obamacare.

    But on Wednesday, the White House unveiled a plan to roll back many of those regulations and overhaul many aspects of the country’s health care system, which includes Medicaid, the nation’s largest health insurance program.

    Trump’s plan to scrap regulations is a far cry from his campaign promises of making America great again.

    But his plan is more in line with the health care reforms that the health insurance industry has been pushing for years, and many Trump administration supporters praised it.

    “It’s a good sign that we are going to get something done,” said Dr. Robert C. Moffit, a medical doctor who was the first chairman of the American Medical Association and a Trump supporter.

    “This is a big step forward in terms of actually having a health care program that works for all Americans.”

    A bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act would require all states to expand Medicaid coverage, and states could opt out of the federal expansion if they choose.

    The Affordable Care Care Act has long been seen as a major driver of the United States’ high uninsured rate.

    It has been the foundation of many of the Obama administration’s signature achievements, such as the Affordable Housing Act, and it was widely criticized by Republicans and Democrats.

    “We’re going to go into a new era of innovation, of technology, of innovation,” Trump said during a news conference on Tuesday, referring to the new healthcare plan.

    The new plan, released late Wednesday, would eliminate the Medicaid expansion, which provides health insurance to low-income people and disabled people.

    The Trump plan also eliminates tax credits that help low- and moderate-income Americans afford health insurance, and the program is already subject to a federal appeals court ruling that could prevent states from implementing the tax credits.

    In a press briefing, HHS Secretary Tom Price said that the president’s administration would not change the Medicaid program or the tax credit.

    But the Trump plan would remove the ACA’s tax credits and require states to create their own Medicaid programs, which could mean lower costs for low- income people.

    The plan would also repeal the ACA mandate that people have insurance, a requirement that has been widely criticized.

    “The president’s plan will eliminate that mandate,” Price said.

    “And it will give states more flexibility to make sure that Medicaid is available to the people who need it, not just the ones who are rich.”

    Under the Trump healthcare plan, people who do not qualify for Medicaid but do qualify for subsidized coverage through the federal exchange would still have to pay the full cost of their coverage.

    But many of Trump’s supporters have criticized the federal government for failing to provide sufficient subsidies for those who do qualify.

    Price did not say if the Trump policy would require people to buy insurance or if it would allow states to offer plans that offer subsidies at lower premiums to those who are uninsured.

    Price also did not specify what types of plans would be covered by the new policy, including employer-sponsored plans and private insurance.

    Price said the plan would create more jobs and would also increase access to care for those with pre-existing conditions.

    The proposal does not specify how the money from the elimination of regulations and taxes would be used, but Trump said that money would be available for other purposes.

    He also said that his administration would expand Medicaid eligibility for children, as well as adults, in states that expanded eligibility under the ACA.

    This would include people with disabilities and the children of undocumented immigrants.

    The Trump administration said in a press release that states would have 30 days to submit their own plans to the federal marketplace for federal subsidy assistance.

    It also said the new plan would require states that expand Medicaid to pay for it.

    “States must also make certain that Medicaid enrollees who are not eligible for Medicaid can receive subsidized coverage under the new system,” the press release said.

    The announcement came after weeks of lobbying by insurance companies, which have long pushed for Medicaid expansion and support of the ACA, and Democrats, who are calling for a repeal of the law.

    Trump’s plan would allow people with pre and/or chronic conditions to be eligible for health insurance coverage.

    Trump also said he will provide a plan by mid-October to replace the Affordable Health Care Act.

    The administration released a similar outline last week.

    In announcing the plan, Price said the White and Democratic houses would begin negotiating the details in the next two weeks.

    The plan would be unveiled during a visit to the National Mall on Wednesday afternoon.

    The president will also sign the bill on the National Inauguration Day in January.


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