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    A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that in the United States, the word gay has been used in a number of contexts that do not mean same-sex attraction.

    In the article titled “How to avoid the word Gay” in the journal, the authors write:Gay is a misnomer.

    The word is not used in the American English language to mean ‘a homosexual person.’

    “Gay is not a mispronunciation of ‘gay,’ as the authors note.

    It is a synonym for homosexual.

    In their article, the researchers write:The American Dictionary of the English Language defines “gay” as:A person of the same sex, whose sexual orientation is not homosexual or bisexual.

    The authors conclude that the word “gay,” which they define as a synonymous term with “homosexual,” has been misused in the context of homosexuality and lesbianism.

    The use of the word in this way by the media, they write, is a deliberate and deliberate attempt to create confusion in the public mind and to undermine efforts to end prejudice.


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