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    Users of the popular Macbook Air are about to get a brand new app designed to help users find their lost and stolen digital books.

    The app, called MacBook Search, will come to iOS devices next week and will let users search and download their digital books from a central server.

    Apple is working on a similar app for Macbook Pro, but for now, the company will only support Macbooks running OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

    It is unclear when the app will come out for Macs running Mac OS X. MacBook search will be available for Macbooks from September 27.

    Apple has not released a release date for MacBook users yet.

    Users can register for MacSearch through Apple’s Mac App Store, but users will need to create a MacBook account before they can access the service.

    The MacBook app has been downloaded over 10 million times since it was first announced back in March.

    Apple was recently criticized for slow response times to MacBook support requests, which resulted in users having to wait hours before a support request was answered.

    MacSearch was first released on May 24.

    The company has been working on the Macbook app for years, and its latest release is expected to be the last for MacOS X.


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