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    The NHL’s All-Star Weekend is one of the biggest events in the sport and it’s no wonder that many players want to do everything they can to make sure they’re in the best shape possible.

    One player who has put in the hard work is Alex Ovechkin, who said he loves getting in shape every day to compete against the best.

    “It’s good to get to play every day.

    You’re playing against the top players and you want to be the best, you want the best,” Ovechuk said on a pregame podcast.

    “And that’s what I’m trying to do every day, to be in the top five in the league.

    So if I have to go to a tournament, it’s always worth it.”

    Ovecknadzic also believes in going hard, especially during the offseason, when the league will be playing a lot of games and he will be competing against the likes of Alex Ovi and Nicklas Backstrom.

    “I’ve always been a big fan of going hard.

    I know how hard we play, and I know that there are some guys that do it and I’ve done it myself, and it helps,” Ovi said.

    “So when we have games in our schedule, we want to go hard.

    And when we’re playing some tough games, it helps.

    So I always try to do my best.”

    Ovi has been a key part of the Capitals’ success, and he is hoping that he can help the Caps win the Stanley Cup this year.

    “This is a really good opportunity for me to be a part of a team that will be the top team in the Western Conference, but I think I have a lot to prove,” Ovenchuk said.

    “[I have to be] a top scorer, a top defenseman, a strong player on the back end.

    “But I think we’re going to win the Cup, and hopefully I can help us make that happen.” “

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    But I think we’re going to win the Cup, and hopefully I can help us make that happen.”

    Follow @AndyMatz and @ScottStarnes on Twitter


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