Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    Google Now has the ability to track your location, location history, weather and more.

    However, it also has a few other features that can help you build up a leaderboard.

    It has the option to search for users and groups based on their activity, and it can display the current time and current location.

    Now, however, Google Now can be used to build up your own leaderboards, which you can then share with friends and colleagues.

    Let’s look at how you can create a leaderboards page on Google Now.

    Step 1.

    Find your Google accountThe first thing you’ll want to do is find your Google Account.

    This can be found in the Settings app, by going to Settings > Account.

    From here, you’ll need to click the “Accounts” button.

    From here, search for your Google name.

    If you don’t see your Google Name, then you’ll have to find it on your phone.

    From the drop-down menu, click “Sign In.”

    Once you have your Google identity, it’s time to sign up.

    Go to the Google account settings, and sign up with your Google credentials.

    From there, you can add your friends and co-workers to your leaderboards.

    Once you’ve signed up, go to the Leaderboards tab and create a new leaderboard for the day.

    Step 2.

    Create a leader board page on your websiteStep 2a.

    Click on the “Add Leaderboard” button on the top of the page.

    From there, choose “Create Leaderboard.”

    This will create a page with all of your Google activity.

    Click “Share this page with friends” to share the page with everyone.

    Step 3.

    Share it with your colleagues, your contacts and your co-workerAs you can see, Google has made a number of improvements to the feature.

    Here are some of the other changes you’ll find.

    Now you can share your own custom leaderboards to your contacts.

    You can also share your personal leaderboards for other users.

    You’ll also have the option of sharing the leaderboards with your co, colleagues and other people you want to be added to the leaderboard page.

    Step 4.

    Create your own group leaderboardsThe last step is to create your own personalized leaderboards group on your site.

    The “Create” button will take you to the “Create Group” page.

    On this page, you will be able to create groups based off of the types of activities you do on your Google profile.

    From this page you can choose to create custom leaderboard groups based upon your personal activities, your location history and your weather.

    You will also be able add your co to your group to make it a group of friends.

    Step 5.

    Share your personalized leaderboard to friends and family membersStep 5a.

    Choose “Share” to send a link to your personalized list.

    From the “Share This Page” menu, select “Add Friends and Family Members” to add your own friends to your list.

    Step 6.

    Share leaderboards on social media platformsStep 6a.

    In the “Follow” tab, select your preferred social media platform to share your leaderboard with.

    You’ll need a Google account to add a custom leader board to your Facebook page.

    You could also create your leader board on Google Plus, but we’ve found the Google Plus leaderboards are much more user-friendly.

    Step 6ab.

    Choose the option that says “Share to Google Groups.”

    From here you can select which groups you want your custom leader boards to appear in.

    If there are more than one groups in your Google+ profile, choose which one you want.

    Step 7.

    Sign up to be notified when Google updates your personalized leadersStep 7a.

    On the “Sign Up” tab in the “Group Leaders” page, click the link that says, “Sign up for our personalized leader boards.”

    Step 8.

    Create personalized leader board for the first dayStep 8a.

    You should see a leader boards page that looks something like this.

    Step 8b.

    Click the “Join” button to join your groupStep 9.

    Check the box next to “You’ll be notified on each of these days.”

    When you receive a notification that you are a member of a Google+ group, you are automatically entered into the group.

    Step 10.

    Share personalized leader lists to your Google contactsStep 10a.

    To share your personalized group leaderboard, you need to first join your Google group.

    Step 11.

    When you receive your personalized status update, you should see your personalized lists.


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