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    A major news story will soon be happening on the NHL.

    It won’t be an announcement, a video or a new television deal.

    It will be an event.

    It’s called the 2018-19 NHL season, and the league has begun unveiling it as part of a major push to rebrand itself.

    It has become a major topic of conversation among fans, the media and the public.

    “It’s like a time bomb.

    It’s like it’s a ticking time bomb,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Thursday.

    The news, as expected, is that the NHL is rebranding itself.

    The league has announced a new logo and new logo color scheme.

    The NHL is also introducing a new team, the Los Angeles Kings, as a franchise that will not play in the same city as its current one.

    The rebrand is part of the NHL’s push to modernize and diversify the league.

    Bettman says the league is working with a group of design experts to create a new identity that is better for consumers.

    He says the NHL will have its own social media accounts, a social media presence, video sharing, an online store and a new digital magazine.

    The new logo, which will be unveiled on Thursday, is a black, white and red logo that will replace the team name and a stylized lightning bolt.

    The lightning bolt represents the lightning bolt in the NHL logo.

    The change also includes the new logo’s color scheme, which features white in a darker shade of blue.

    The new logo is meant to symbolize the way that the league wants its brand to look.

    “The new look is much more contemporary and the team colors are much more vibrant,” Bettman told reporters.

    “So it is a more modern look and the style is more modern.”

    In addition, the league will have an online platform, a new website and a brand new television channel, the NHL announced Thursday.

    Bettman said the league plans to launch a digital magazine on the league’s own website and will launch a social network and an online shop.

    It plans to also launch a new app, the new app that will allow fans to get together and watch games.BETTER CONTENT: The NHL has been working with ESPN and a variety of content partners to create an enhanced NHL app for the mobile devices, Bettman added.

    The NHL also announced it will be launching a new video on demand platform.

    The league will begin to make its first premium streaming video content available to subscribers in 2017-18.

    The digital platform will allow players to share their stories, memories and experiences, along with live games and other events on the platform, Bettmann said.BOTTOM LINE: Bettman wants the NHL to grow at an accelerated rate, and he said the rebrand has the potential to do that.

    But he acknowledged that it will take time to do so.


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