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    The goal of every professional career is to achieve academic success, writes ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

     But what is success?

     As Windhorsten explains, success is defined as “getting to the next level of your career.”

    As a psychologist and psychologist-turned-writer, Windhorsteins success is tied to a process of learning and self-development.

    So how does that process begin?

    When you’re a child, your first task is to make sure you’re “ready for kindergarten,” according to the book Becoming You: How To Become A Better Child.

    Then, your life experiences must shape who you are, Windmill said.

    And, as you get older, you learn to “become yourself in your own right.”

    So the next step for many of us is to “get to the middle” of the academic curve.

    As Windmill says, “When you are trying to get to the top, you are not going to get there if you don’t start somewhere.”

    And the process of getting there is different for each of us.

    One person can achieve academic mastery on a relatively short-term basis, while another can take years to get that academic success.

    The path to academic success can be steep and the rewards are not always the same for all.

    In the process, however, you’ll learn to identify what you need to work on to reach your goals and then work on those things, WindHorst said.

    When you’ve achieved your academic mastery, it’s time to start making your way towards the “middle.”

    It’s not enough to “keep the lights on,” as Windhorsts advice says.

    You have to focus on how you can contribute to the greater good.

    “In order to achieve this, you have to start thinking about your career as a career,” Windhorstand said.

    “Think about how you want to build and grow your career and how you would contribute to your career, how you’d contribute to society and society as a whole.”

    You’ll also need to look for the “next steps” that will propel you further.

    If you want academic mastery or academic success in your professional career, you should look to the following topics to determine where you’re at in your journey, Windwhos advice suggests: How can I increase my career impact?

      How can my career contribute to my social and cultural identity?

      What can I do to further my career in my field?

    What can I learn to do in my career to contribute to this greater good?

    How do I get there?

    What is academic success?

    To learn more about the path to mastery, check out the full article at


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