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    The Trump administration has a longstanding and deep hatred for its image, and that’s reflected in the way it’s run in Washington.

    The White House has been criticized for making Trump look like an asshole for his controversial tweet about the NFL, and its press secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly insisted that the president is not an asshole.

    Now, as the president continues to battle a variety of health problems, the administration is under pressure to take a more positive approach to its image.

    And in a new video from the Center for American Progress, former White House deputy press secretary Matt McLaughlin explains why the administration has to do a better job of portraying itself as a positive role model.

    “It’s a matter of trying to do everything we can to make ourselves more relatable to the public,” McLaughlin says.

    “Because we can’t be like, ‘Oh, I was a bully, and I’m going to put up with this.’

    Trump, who has repeatedly attacked the media and politicians, has not taken the criticism personally, despite the White House claiming that he has a “very bad relationship with the media.” “

    And so that means that we’ve got to figure out how to be more reliable and more honest about our failures.”

    Trump, who has repeatedly attacked the media and politicians, has not taken the criticism personally, despite the White House claiming that he has a “very bad relationship with the media.”

    He has instead turned to a string of negative headlines about his administration and has been using Twitter to bash the media.

    In September, he called reporters the “dumbest piece of shit.”

    He also called them “dishonest, bad people” in a tweet in October.

    And last month, he went after the media again, calling them “the most dishonest group of people on Earth.”

    He was criticized for that tweet, but he later backtracked.

    The video shows the administration trying to address these criticisms.

    It’s a video that McLaughlin and former White National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, who is now with the Center on Media and Democracy, produced together to highlight the need to address the issue.

    “The White House, at the very least, needs to be making more of an effort to take the bait and respond to the negative press that comes out of the Trump White House,” McLaughlin said in a statement.

    “They need to be showing some compassion to the reporters, editors and producers who have been under attack, and to the press, editors, and producers at large.”

    A few days after the video was released, the White Congress sent out a memo to all employees that addressed the problem, including the fact that the White Houses own website does not feature the name of the president or his wife Melania.

    “We understand the public’s interest in knowing how their personal information is being used and how they can exercise control over their information, and we are working to address this issue,” the memo read.

    “However, the Office of the Press Secretary should not be encouraging the use of personal information for its own purposes.

    This includes, but is not limited to, sending personal information about the President, Melania, and the families of U.S. presidents to third parties.”

    But McLaughlin said it’s important that the administration’s image be portrayed in a positive light, too.

    “One of the things that really is really important to me, I think, is that we have to understand that the real story is that this is not about who is a bully.

    This is not a story about who doesn’t care about the public, who doesn: it’s a story of how we got here, and how we’re going to get back to a better place,” he said.


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