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    In a recent interview with the LAD Bible website, Creationist Ken Ham argued that his creationist organization’s website was designed to be “the only one in existence that actually talks about what the Bible actually said.”

    Creationist Answers is the website for Ken Ham’s creationist educational organization, Answers in Genesis.

    It is one of several Creationist websites to have recently been taken down, and it has yet to return to the internet.

    “The reason I’m calling this a Mormonite site is because I’m a Mormon,” Ham said, according to the Ladegunda Herald.

    “I’m an ex-Mormon.

    So I believe the Bible says we should all have an equal chance at salvation.”

    In the interview, Ham said the “only way I can tell you the truth is through the Bible,” adding, “I’ve been told it’s impossible to get the Bible wrong.”

    The website was first taken down by the LLD website and then later by the Answers in Science website, and now Answers in God is working to restore it.

    “A great deal of the people that I talk to are really angry,” Ham told the Herald.

    “[It’s] a bit of a slap in the face to the thousands of people who believe in the truth.”

    Ham’s organization has previously taken down other Creationist sites, including the Science Museum and the Museum of Creation, but he insisted that Answers in the Creation would be different.

    “Our website is the only one that talks about the literal truth of what the Biblical text says,” Ham added.

    “And our website will never say, ‘Hey, we’re a Mormon church, so we have a different view.'”

    In the recent interview, Answers said that the site would be taken down “shortly.”

    “After a number of requests from our users, the site will soon be taken offline.

    Our goal is to restore the site to its original state as soon as possible,” the Answers’ statement reads.

    “We are grateful to our users who have been so supportive.

    Our hope is that we can help bring the Answers to their rightful place in the public sphere.”

    Creationists have long claimed that the Bible has a divine origin and that the earth is billions of years old.

    Ham has also claimed that God created the universe in 6,000 years.

    Ham’s website states that the origins of the Earth are in the “primeval flood” in Genesis 4:17-19.

    He said that he “considers it more likely that it was a flood of water than of water itself.”

    Ham also believes that God’s creation of the earth was a mistake.

    He has previously called the earth “nothing more than a heap of dirt and debris.”

    Ham told The Ladeggunda Herald that he hopes to restore Answers in Creation’s website and that Answers will be open to a broader audience.

    “If people are open to what I’m saying, I think we can be successful,” Ham concluded.

    “Hopefully people will look at the Scriptures and say, this is the way God created this place.”


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