Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    This article is part of our FourFourSeconds series on building a custom site with WordPress.

    If you’re not familiar with it, you can learn more about it by clicking here.


    Create a new WordPress site, the default WordPress website template is called the blog template.

    It’s basically a template you can upload that you can customize.

    This is the template that WordPress uses to store content on your website.

    This template has all of the basic elements you need to create your site.

    You can customize the layout, add comments, and add a “home” page.


    Create your blog.

    We can create a new blog with just one line of code.

    WordPress uses the WordPress theme engine to create the default blog.

    When you create a WordPress site you can choose to have a single theme, or you can create multiple themes to create multiple sites.

    In this article, we’re going to create our first custom theme.


    Create the homepage.

    We’re going, “Hey, what do we do here?”

    What we want to do is create a homepage for our blog.

    WordPress will automatically generate a homepage template.

    You create the homepage template by clicking on the home button.


    Create our footer.

    We need to add a footer that’s going to go on the right side of the page.

    We’ll call this the “header”.

    If you have a lot of posts on your site, you’ll want to add an array of header images.


    Create some tags.

    We are going to add tags to the posts.

    We will call these posts tags.

    The tags will look something like this: title, author, date, post title, post author, post date, topic title, topic author, topic topic.

    This will be a list of the titles that will appear on the posts, and you can add more tags like this.

    The only thing you’ll need to do here is add the first line of text in your HTML tag, and the last line of your tag.

    For example, if we wanted to have our blog title, we would add the following HTML tag:

    My Blog


    The first line will be our title and the second line will say the title of the blog.

    The last line will tell WordPress where to find the header image.


    Add some footers.

    We want to create some footer images for the posts we want.

    For our blog, we’d add the title and author images to the header and footer respectively.

    We would also add a topic title and topic author image to the footer, and so on.

    We just add the headers and footers together.


    Add a “Home” page to our blog’s footer and header.

    We added a “header” section to our posts to make it easier to find our posts.

    This section will be called “home”.

    It will be where we will put the content that we have uploaded to our website.

    We also added a page to the home page called “Welcome”.


    Add links to all of our posts in our home page.

    As you can see, we added a few footers and some foot on top of the posts and also added some links to our own posts.


    Add comments.

    If we want our blog to be able to comment on other sites, we need to make our posts comments.

    We should add comments in our posts by clicking the comments button in the home.


    Add the “home page” to our home.

    You will notice that in the footers we added to our footers, we have a little “homepage” section.

    This “home-page” is a part of WordPress.

    You should add this to the top of your home page, or in your sidebar, or anywhere else that you want.


    Add your own blog.

    If your website has more than one blog, you will want to have the content on each blog linked to on the “About” page of your site’s home page as well.


    Create an account.

    Once you have all of your posts on a website, you should sign up for an account to get started.

    When I create an account, I don’t create an email address for it.

    I just create an anonymous email address.

    This email address can be found at your WordPress dashboard.

    It should look something similar to this: [email protected] The email address will look like this in your WordPress admin: [email protected] This email will be used for sending you an email whenever you need one.

    When an email is sent to you, you receive it from the email address you provided.

    You don’t need to provide a password or any other personal information to create an online account.

    It can be a very convenient way to create and manage an online identity.


    Create new blog posts.

    In the next step, we are going in


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