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    AUSTRALIA’S latest rock band has released its first album in almost four years.

    Lights has been making the most of the year-long holiday break to make the album, but they’re not stopping there. 

    Lights singer Jason Ewers has shared a video of his new song, “Proudest Day”.

    The band has been working on the new album since the start of the summer and is set to release their new record on November 25. 

    The new album, titled LIGHTS, is written and recorded by Jason Ewer. 

    Jason, who has worked with many Australian rock acts, said he had always been a fan of Australian music.

    “When I was a kid, my favourite Australian band was The Avalanches,” he said.

    “They had such a strong, fun, energetic and honest sound.”

    The Avalanches were the band that brought me the first album I ever bought, I remember the first time I heard them and it was absolutely incredible.

    “I also grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Led Zepplin, and I’m very much into the classic rock scene.”

    He said he was always into bands that shared his passion for music, even when they weren’t really Australian.

    “Growing up, I always liked bands like The Smiths, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, so it was always a great feeling when you were at school, at school I always loved that music,” he explained.

    “It was always the same in the music scene, you’d hear a song and you’d say ‘oh my God, this is incredible’, you’d want to go out and buy it.”

    We’re really excited to get the new record out and hopefully bring a lot more people out to this country and hopefully make this record a bit bigger than it was before.

    He said the band had played many festivals and had a few singles and albums that they had been working in.””

    We have a lot of fun doing shows,” Jason said. 

    He said the band had played many festivals and had a few singles and albums that they had been working in.

    “Lights is really, really talented, it’s really hard working, and we’re really happy to be releasing this record,” he added.

    “This album is a really big step for us and hopefully we can bring a whole new generation of people into the music world.”LIGHTS’ album Light in the Sky (2015) was released on June 24, 2015. 

    It was released in Australia on Record Store Day and in the United Kingdom on February 17, 2016.


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