Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    What if your article isn’t about what you write?

    What if you just want to get more views and traffic than everyone?

    What you should do to create your own personal blog post.

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    What if your content is less interesting than the rest of the world?

    What would you write about?

    What kind of posts would you like to create?

    If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few weeks, you probably have some idea what I’m talking about.

    If not, you can read about it on this previous post and I’ll walk you through the process.1.

    Choose your content to be interesting.

    You may have heard about “funny” content on the web.

    We all like it, right?

    The more you can make fun of the person, the better.

    If you’re creating content that’s about a subject you care about, you’ll likely get more traffic, more likes, more shares, and more subscribers than the average article.2.

    Pick a topic.

    A good article is the subject of the article, not the content itself.

    I’m a big fan of “content from within” posts.

    That means the content should be written from within your company, not a website or blog.

    It’s your brand, not your website, so don’t put your content in a generic article like, “What’s the deal with Facebook?” instead of, “How do I create my own Facebook page?”.3.

    Pick your audience.

    A reader might be reading your article on your website or a blog.

    If they like what they see, they might share it with their friends and family.

    But, more likely, they’re not interested in the content themselves, but are more interested in a quick article about what’s going on in their area of interest.

    The point of this is that you should pick your audience based on the type of content you want to write about.

    For example, if you’re writing about the new iPhone 6S, your audience is likely going to be iPhone users, and the articles should be about iPhone users.

    You can write about the latest news from Apple, the new Android phones, or just the latest gadgets.4.

    Create an article.

    It’s not uncommon for an article to be a single paragraph of content.

    But if you write a multi-paragraph article, you’re likely to get a lot of likes and shares.

    You’ll also likely get some traffic and some subscribers.

    If this is what you’re after, pick your topic carefully.

    I like to start with an idea and then work my way through it.

    You don’t need to write a story on how to turn your existing product into a social media network.

    Instead, write a few sentences about how you think the product could be made better.5.

    Write your article in the browser.

    Your goal is to write as little code as possible.

    So, instead of writing an article in a website, you should write it in the form of a simple text document.

    For this reason, it’s best to create a text file and save it to a local folder on your computer.

    Once you’ve saved the file, open the file in Google Chrome.

    If the file opens in Chrome, open it in another browser, and it should open in the new browser.6.

    Save your article as a .txt file.

    Write a text document that has the following format:What you’ll need to do for this example is save the file as a single file:What I like about this format is that, if someone finds your article, they can view the file and read it in a browser without having to download or install any extra software.7.

    Save the file to your local folder.

    Create a new text file with the following content:Save your file as .txt in your local file manager.8.

    Open the file.

    Click File > Save as.

    You should now see a new window with the file name.

    Click OK to save the document.

    If it’s a blank file, click OK and click Close.

    Open Google Chrome and open a new tab.

    Navigate to the file you saved earlier.

    Select the file that you saved as the File > Open as New Tab.

    This will open the text document in Google’s Document Manager.

    Click the + button in the top right corner.

    Click Add to Add New Tab…8.

    Type the following code:What’s happening here is that Google has opened the file using its Document Manager, and has saved it to its local folder (the File > New Tab) so that the user can read it.

    The last step is to add the following text:Save the file with a blank document.

    Click Save.

    Open your web browser.

    The article will open in Chrome.

    If you’re happy with the result, click Save and then close your browser.9.

    Create a link to the article.

    Create your own page on your blog, and tag it with the name of the piece of content that you’re


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