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    The best torrent sites for making money are all in one place, according to The Sport’s own Simon Dyer.

    “I can’t stress enough how valuable torrent sites are for the internet economy,” he writes.

    “There are a million sites out there, all vying for the attention of people who can make a bit of extra money.”

    Here are some of the best torrents on offer.

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    Torrents-All Hosting – Australia-only source Torrents All Hosting hosts, but they’re currently unable to provide torrents for torrents, torrents and torrents hosting sites.

    You can download torrents from their website or through their download page, but torrents hosted elsewhere should not be able to download torrent files from their servers.


    Torrent All Host – Germany-only torrent sites: Torrentfreak, TorrentZ,, and Torrentz Germany-host torrents site TorrentFreak Germany has a good selection of torrent sites, but it’s a bit more limited than other torrent hosting sites in the same region.

    TorrentFreaks German site has a few options, including torrent sites from Germany-based sites such as Torrentz and TorrentFreAK, but you can also access torrents through its US-based torrent site, TorrentFreaky.

    You will need to use the US-only site’s login option to access torrent files.

    Torrentz offers many more torrent sites than TorrentFreaking and offer, including a number of torrents hosts which have their own hosting options.


    Torrent Z Germany – US-host hosting site Torrentz UK hosts torrent sites on the site.

    TorrentZ is available to UK-based visitors from the US, but the US site has problems with UK-bound torrents such as The Pirate Bay.

    The US site is now working on an update to the UK site, but there is no information on when this will be available.

    Torrentzing, which is owned by Torrentz Europe, offers several different torrent sites.

    There’s one for Australia-based users, one for Germany and one for Canada.

    It’s also worth noting that Torrentzing only supports US-facing torrents so it’s not available for torrent sites hosted elsewhere.


    Torrenttune – hosts torrent and torrent-based movies and TV shows, as well as movies, TV shows and music.

    The site also offers a list of torrent streaming services for Australians.

    5. – hosts movie and TV series torrents including streaming and downloading them.

    6. 7. 8. 9. TorrentFreeware hosts a number, including movie-based films, television shows, music and games.

    The company also offers Torrentz hosting options for US- and UK-only users.

    10. – hosts a variety of torrent and movie-hosters including torrents in various countries and hosters in other regions.

    It also has a listing of movies and music streaming sites.


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