Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    Enjin has created a platform to help companies create website templates.

    The platform, called SiteMaker, is currently in beta and has already launched to a handful of projects including Airbnb and Facebook.

    It’s a bit of a new idea for Enjin, as it was developed as an app to help sites with creating website templates in a web browser.

    But the platform is still being tested and Enjin says that it’s still in beta.

    “We have a lot of things we’re doing to help our users make better site templates,” Enjin said in a blog post.

    “We want to share this experience with you.

    We have some ideas about what we can do in the near future.”

    You can sign up to get SiteMaker in beta now.

    Enjin’s SiteMaker site is now available to download on the Enjin website.

    Enjin’s platform is free, but you’ll need to have an account to access it.

    It will also require an Internet connection to access the site.

    For the uninitiated, Enjin is a Canadian startup which created the Airbnb app, which was acquired by Facebook last year.

    Airbnb has recently announced plans to acquire a majority stake in the platform.

    The platform is a bit like a website builder, allowing you to customize a website, add pages, and much more. 

    “Enjin is creating an open-source platform for websites to create and share templates and content to enhance their user experience,” said Enjin CEO Jason Riggs in a statement. 

    You can find a list of projects and projects you can submit on the SiteMaker page.

    We’ve created a tool to help you create website template for your website.

    If you want to make sure you have the right templates for your site, you can do so through the site builder.

    You can then upload them to Enjin and use them in your website.

    “We’re still in the early stages of developing SiteMaker so it may take a while before it gets to a large number of projects. 

    There’s also a section on the site where you can find out if SiteMaker has the right plugins for your project.

    Enjin has already released a blog with a few of the projects that have been created.

    Enjis blog also has a section called the Enjjin Design Platform, which has been created for website designers to share and share ideas for websites.


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