Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    A bitcoin miner in Perth, WA, has an odd way of getting money out from its operation.

    The mining operation, which is still in the early stages of its development, pays its employees a small salary in bitcoin and other digital currencies.

    The money is transferred through a website which allows people to buy and sell items using the virtual currency.

    The owner of the website, Alex Shire, has a good reputation and the company is not exactly a new one.

    In the past, he has been involved in Bitcoin mining operations and had already been involved with a successful business venture.

    “It was a good opportunity to get into bitcoin mining, to build something with the company and then invest some money into the business,” Mr Shire told the ABC.

    Mr Shires website also provides users with access to a range of services including the ability to trade in bitcoin.

    He told the Perth Advertiser that while he was not an employee, he had a right to use the company’s services.

    “I have an obligation to be involved in the business and I feel very much a part of it,” he said.

    “So I think it’s a right I have to use it.”

    Mr Shores website is one of many online businesses which allow people to trade bitcoin, such as a site for the virtual coin Bitcoin Cash, which was launched in December.

    It allows users to trade it for other virtual currencies.

    “The Bitcoin Cash site has a lot of good features,” Mr Schire said.

    In January, the Bitcoin Cash price peaked at $7,200, but fell back to $3,500 on Wednesday.

    Bitcoin Cash is currently trading for around $7.50.

    “If you think about the fact that the Bitcoin price is down to the low $7000, it’s probably about a quarter of what it was when the Bitcoin was first launched.”

    Mr Schires site also allows users the ability buy and spend bitcoin using their smartphones or computers.

    Users can also trade the virtual money for real currencies.

    In addition to its website, Mr Shikes has a range on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    He also created a website, Bitcoin for Sale, which sells items in Bitcoin.

    Mr Schiring said he was inspired by the Bitcoin mining business that he was involved in and had been trying to build his own.

    “He’s really good at making things, really good in his industry,” Mr Spence said.

    He said the site had a good amount of advertising but Mr Shies business was growing.

    “We’ve got a good business and a lot going on here,” he told the Advertisers.

    “People are coming from all over the world, coming in, buying things, buying services and people are finding out about it.”


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