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    The most recent version of BitfineX, a US exchange that allows users to trade digital currencies and hold them in digital wallets, is set to launch a new web portal to enable bitcoin buyers and sellers to buy and sell.

    The portal will allow users to purchase bitcoins or convert them to dollars and will allow people to exchange bitcoin for other currencies.

    Bitfinex was founded in 2015, with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but is now expanding its operations to include other financial products.

    The company’s website is being updated with an additional section for buyers and seller.

    BitfEX, the company’s second major exchange, also recently added the ability to buy dollars from bitcoin exchanges and sell them to bitcoin investors.

    Users can sign up to be part of BitfEX through its website.

    The website will be updated with information on Bitfinexs upcoming changes.

    For the time being, BitfEx will not be able to provide a listing for its services, and users can signup for an account only through the site.

    A price for the service will not appear until the site launches.

    For bitcoin enthusiasts, the announcement is significant as it means the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange will begin offering bitcoin buying and selling options, making it a potential choice for buying and trading bitcoins at a more convenient time.

    The company was founded by the two brothers behind Coinbase, Charlie Lee and Tyler Winklevoss, and is listed on the NASDAQ exchange.


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