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    Posted February 01, 2019 12:59:50While you can certainly make money by writing about yourself, or selling a blog, I’ve never really been interested in being a mother.

    I’ve had a lot of luck and made a lot more money as a writer, so I don`t have the same feelings of satisfaction or happiness.

    I`m not a super-mom. 

    When I was younger, I had the opportunity to travel the world, but I chose to spend that time with my parents. 

    I don`T think I could have made it in life if I had stayed with my mom. 

    My parents are still my parents, so there are a lot that I feel are inextricably linked with my own upbringing. 

    It`s not something that I`d ever really have to justify. 

    But the fact that I have to do it, to explain myself, to talk about it, makes me feel that I am an imperfect person. 

    What happens when I get older?

    I have this thing called a life insurance policy. 

    Life insurance is a little bit of a mixed bag. 

    If I have a terrible accident, I can just pay my insurance policy to cover it.

    But if I get married, it`s a bit different. 

    For example, if I have kids, my life insurance can cover a lot, but if they die, it will just cover the funeral. 

    So if I got married, and the funeral came out to be terrible, and I couldn`t get it covered by my life policy, then I would have to get the funeral paid for. 

    You can get paid for the funeral, but you won`t be paid for anything else. 

    Now that I know that I don’ have a bad accident, there`s something else I can do. 

    And I have the freedom to do that. 

    Why is it that people don`re interested in my blog?

    I don�t want to sound like I am a bitter person, but it is true that people have a very different reaction to my blog than people do to my other posts. 

    People love my blog.

    I get thousands of e-mails and messages from all over the world. 

    Most of them are from people who have never read anything I write. 

    Some of them have never seen me before. 

    They love the fact I write about my own experiences, my own personal life, and it`ll make them feel better about themselves and their own lives. 

    Even people who don`ve ever read anything about me have written to me asking if they could buy my books. 

    All of these people are happy to be reading about themselves, about my personal life. 

    To me, they are more than people.

    They are my family. 

    The only thing that makes me really sad about it is that my friends, and my family, will have to go through what I went through. 

    A lot of my family has to deal with the same thing. 

    There are many, many people who are going through this. 

    Who will I blame if I end up on the other side? 

    I just don`trude.

    I feel like I have all these people around me who are really kind, who really love me and care about me. 

    How can I do it? 

    My family will have the hardest time, but all of them will know that it was my own choice. 

    We can’t blame anyone else.

    We have a lot in common. 

    This blog will definitely change your life, but at the end of the day, I don´t feel like there are any regrets. 

    Have you ever wanted to create your own website? 

    Do you have a blog you want to share?

    Let me know in the comments!


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