Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    As many as 1.2 billion Indians are not using internet services.

    They are mostly online, using apps like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook.

    They often choose websites that cater to the needs of their needs.

    These services can also be provided by private firms.

    But there are other websites that people can use for their legal services, too.

    The most popular ones are the ones that offer legal advice.

    The legal services provided by these sites are not free.

    They cost money.

    So what are the pros and cons of these websites?

    According to the US-based legal research firm, Avalere, more than half of the websites that users use for personal and family legal matters are not provided by free legal services.

    “This includes free legal advice, personal injury and property protection services, and the ability to seek justice in court through a non-profit organisation,” says a recent report by Avalere.

    “Some of these sites provide services at a very high cost.

    For example, one of the cheapest legal services on offer is an attorney referral service from the Centre for Legal Aid & Info., which charges a whopping Rs. 3,000 for its free consultation.”

    Avalere says there are some websites that offer free legal assistance for free. “

    For example, in a case in which a man was charged with murder, a court in a city where the man lived refused to pay the lawyer’s fee of Rs. 6,000 because it was not a case of ‘legal murder’ and he was in custody for five years,” it says.

    Avalere says there are some websites that offer free legal assistance for free.

    But, says Amit Srivastava, general manager, online legal services at Avalere India, these are not the most popular.

    “A lot of the most sought-after services by people in need are provided through online platforms, like online platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn,” he says.

    These platforms, however, do not provide legal services free of charge.

    “So, the more you use them, the less you are going to pay,” Srivartava says.

    But it can be expensive.

    The number of people who need legal services in India has risen by about 35 per cent in the past five years, according to the data available from the Registrar of Companies.

    The average cost of a legal consultation from a public service provider, like the Centre For Legal Aid, is Rs. 15,000.

    That is not cheap.

    “That’s why a lot of people don’t use these services,” says Srivantava.

    “Most people are not even aware that there is such a cost.”

    Avalre estimates that in the next three years, the number of legal services providers will grow to about 1.8 billion.

    “We think that by 2020, the population of India will increase to more than 1.5 billion,” says Amit.

    “These numbers will continue to increase.

    The number of lawyers will grow exponentially.

    This is one of India’s fastest growing industries.”

    What can you do if you are not sure whether a legal service you use is free?

    A free legal service can only be provided if the provider is a legal aid agency or NGO.

    If they are not, they cannot provide a free legal consultation.

    If the provider does not provide a legal services through a legal agency, they can charge for legal consultations, like for criminal law or divorce.

    “It is not the same as having a lawyer,” says the report from Avalere for lawyers.

    But the biggest problem for people who don’t have access to a legal advocate is that the cost of legal advice varies.

    “You can’t go to a lawyer who is in your locality or you can’t get a lawyer from your local authority.

    So it is very expensive to get legal services,” explains Amit.

    A free website is a better option than a legal advice provider.

    “There are many websites that have free legal aid, such as the Legal Aid Association of India and Legal Aid for Women in India.

    These are also great,” he adds.

    “They provide free legal representation and mediation.

    You can also use free legal counselling services from Legal Aid Network.

    These include counselling for rape, child custody and adoption.

    These can be very useful for women,” he notes.

    Legal services from NGOs are more expensive.

    “So, you can use NGOs, such the National Legal Aid Group, as a free service,” says Manoj Tiwari, partner at legal research group, Law Society of India.

    “However, you have to do a lot to get free legal counsel from them,” he continues.

    “Also, they are very limited in their scope.

    They can only offer free consultation and mediation for a small number of cases.

    So, it is difficult to find a good, unbiased, reliable service from these organizations,” says Tiwaris.

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