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    The Government has been working to better understand the health information people give them about themselves and their health, with a major review of the way people are being kept informed on the internet.

    Health Information (Amendment) Bill 2016 is the latest piece of legislation to be drafted to bring the whole of the health and social care system under the scrutiny of the new legislation.

    It will be put before Parliament by Minister for Health Simon Harris.

    The bill is due to be debated in Parliament in December.

    What is health information?

    Health information is information about health that people can access on the web.

    It includes the information you get from a doctor or nurse, the types of medicines you take and the conditions that cause your symptoms.

    We are not required to keep our medical records under the Health and Social Care Act but we are required to make sure they are accurate and up to date, including with respect to your health.

    How does it work?

    The Health Information (Information and Privacy) Act was introduced to replace the Health Information Transactions Act which was introduced in 2012.

    This Act required the Government to set up a new data protection watchdog called the Health Data Authority.

    There are two ways people can obtain health information.

    They can access it directly through their GP, or they can go to a website that provides information about how their GP can give them information about their health and wellbeing.

    The website is called the health record website and the GP’s website is the doctor’s website.

    If you go to the GP website, you can request information about your GP, such as the type of treatment you received, or if you have any conditions that could be a risk factor for you to develop a condition.

    You can also ask your GP to send you information about other doctors and health professionals, such the person who gave you your first prescription.

    You can request that your GP send you medical records that are in the Public Records Act, such a medical history.

    You will not be required to do anything to access the health records, but you will have to put in the information.

    So what are the problems with this?

    There are three problems with the legislation.

    The first is that people will not get the health details they are seeking, or any information about where their GP is.

    Secondly, the bill has been passed without any debate on the bill.

    Thirdly, the health data will be shared with the public, meaning that people who don’t want to give any personal details will not have to.

    What does the Health Services Minister have to say about this?

    Minister Simon Harris said that the Health Service Improvement Bill is important for people who are interested in the health of their family and friends.

    “It is important that people are fully informed about what information is available to them in the healthcare system and the role that they can play in helping us to improve the system,” he said.

    “It will also ensure that the public can have access to information about the quality of care provided to them by health professionals.”

    What can you do to help?

    It is worth looking at the bill and what it is all about, if you want to have your own thoughts on the matter.

    Read our advice on health data sharing, to understand how it works and what you can do to protect yourself from health data breaches.


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