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    Every online business requires a website.

    Singapore’s Matchmaking is launching a new website and mobile app today, as it tries to bring more people into the online dating industry.

    The new website, Singapore Matching, will let users connect with potential dates in Singapore using their smartphones, computers and other devices, with the option to use a webcam or to send an SMS message to the user.

    The service is being developed by Singapore-based tech company Mango.

    It will have a wide variety of dating profiles, from singles to couples and other groups.

    Singapore Matchmaking will also allow users to upload their photos to the website, and have the photos displayed on a list of potential matches.

    Users can also post their photos on the website for other users to view.

    Singaperson is a Singapore-registered company.

    Mango is a company registered in Hong Kong.

    It is a “matchmaking platform” that has partnered with, according to a statement from Mango, which is based in New York.

    Singiperson is launching the new service in Singapore, which has the third largest population of international couples, according the World Economic Forum.

    It is also home to a large number of international companies, including Facebook, Google, Spotify, Uber and LinkedIn.

    Singapo, the national version of, said it was looking to expand the service to other Asian countries.

    Singapsu said the site was built by Mango with help from Singapore-listed firms.

    It said it will offer both “free” and “subscription” options for Singaporeans, who will be able to get matches through an app or website.

    The site, which will launch in Singapore this week, will have features that make it “comparable to traditional matchmaking services in the US,” the company said.

    The company said users can choose from various types of matches and will be shown the latest and most recent results, so users can see which matches are most attractive to them.

    Singapping said the service will be open to anyone, and that it would allow users “to choose a match, get a response and see what they’ve got to offer in terms of quality and experience.”

    The new service will not have a paid component, and Mango will not pay for any of the advertisements that appear on the site, according Singaperson.

    Singaling said that it was committed to being a “seamless, seamless online dating experience” and that Mango’s “unlimited breadth” of services made it a good fit for the new site.

    Singaming did not respond to a request for comment.


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