Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    Bookies are paying big to create e-commerce websites, and they’re turning to online platforms that are easy to use.

    The e-tailers are using the platforms to create and manage online stores for their clients, according to a new report by the Bookies Association of Canada.

    The report says e-book stores are an emerging industry and the trend is expected to grow by about 40 per cent to $2.2 billion by 2025.

    “Bookies have been using e-books for some time and are looking for ways to grow,” said Mike McLeod, vice-president of marketing and strategy for the BCA.

    “E-commerce is where they are, it’s a big opportunity.

    And they are willing to pay big for it.”

    McLeod said the e-store platform is also a good place to get started, since it’s easy to start, and most customers will have a strong e-shop experience.

    “There are two key things you have to have when you start an e-stores,” McLeod said.

    “First, you have a business plan.

    Second, you need to have a solid website.”

    A website should be a complete set of content and not just a list of products that are available.

    You want to have an inventory that’s up to date.

    “The report also says there are more than 1,600 e-tourist sites in Canada, which offer an online experience for visitors to learn more about the province, learn about local events and see what’s going on in the world.

    The BCA said the majority of the sites offer free shipping, and some have even partnered with Canadian tour operators, such as Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    But some are offering a premium service, offering special deals on events or even special discounts on travel.

    The report says there’s also a growing appetite for e-business models in general.

    The number of people who have paid for an ecommerce site has more than doubled over the past year, to about 50,000.

    About 40 per 100 people have done so in the past five years, according the BSA.

    There’s also evidence that people are buying online to get more things done.

    For example, the number of Amazon shoppers has increased more than 40 per one million shoppers over the last year.

    The association said there are a number of e-shopping sites for people who want to buy groceries, electronics, apparel and other essentials.

    There are also many online shopping platforms for online shopping and mobile shopping, including Alibaba and Paypal.

    But the report also warns that some e-retailers are making mistakes.

    McLeod noted that a few of the ecommerce platforms are using “inappropriate advertising” to sell products to consumers.”

    It is absolutely critical to look at this issue from a business perspective and make sure that we are following the rules,” McLean said.

    The report noted that e-gift cards are being used more often, and are becoming popular in general, as are “personalised shopping baskets.”

    McLean said the BAC is monitoring these issues, and will continue to do so.

    With files from The Canadian Press


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