Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    Next Big Futures is a company that is developing a phish-related adult website.

    The site is being launched as part of a new effort to boost the site’s traffic and the company is hoping to reach more people through it.

    “This site has more content than ever before, and we’ve got more content planned for the future,” Next Big president and CEO Jelena Jokovic told CNNMoney.

    “Our aim is to grow our audience in order to reach people that are not necessarily interested in phishing.”

    The company’s content includes an article, which is about phishing, and a forum for users to share their experiences.

    There are also some ads on the site, which are aimed at younger audiences.

    Next Big hopes to reach out to older audiences by adding videos, articles, and podcasts.

    “The next wave of growth for Next Big will be driven by the fact that we’re seeing an explosion in the use of social media, and the growth in our userbase, particularly on mobile devices,” Jokovi said.

    “We’re seeing a rise in the number of new phishers being detected, and that’s a big problem for our company, because we’ve always been able to deal with that by getting people to download phishing detection apps.”

    The growth of social networking sites and social media platforms have increased the demand for phishing websites, which typically involve exploiting social engineering, including the use and sharing of malicious software.

    “There’s definitely been a surge in the phishing activity, but it’s not necessarily related to social media,” Jokoć said.

    Next BIG started out as a small, but growing company, she said, but the company has grown to a global one.

    “Today, we’re one of the largest providers of phishing protection software and protection products for adult websites,” JOKIC said.

    She also pointed out that the company offers a number of services to help consumers find phishing prevention tools.

    These include phishing checklists, which offer recommendations on how to avoid phishing scams.

    There is also a phished-related webinar series that offers advice on how not to be a victim.

    In addition, the company provides a variety of tools to help customers with their phishing attempts.

    “In terms of how to identify and respond to phishing attacks, there are a lot of tools out there that can help with that, but we think there are so many more ways to combat this,” Joka said.

    This article originally appeared on CNNMoney, a division of Thomson Reuters America Inc.


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