Create a Website

    Every online business requires a website.

    The Washington Examiner reports that it is possible to create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts using only the most basic of tools.

    The new “social media identity” toolkit from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created to help law enforcement agencies create and manage their social media accounts.

    The DHS, in partnership with social media service providers, has partnered with companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and others to develop this toolkit.

    The toolkit is available to agencies and contractors at no cost and includes a set of tools that include: – a user dashboard, including profiles, posts, and comments, along with user names, phone numbers, email addresses, and social networking profiles – a social media editor that helps you customize and edit your account and posts – a Facebook page with the ability to link to other social media pages, and add new friends and follow others – a “follow” button on your profile that will enable you to easily follow people you see sharing content on your timeline, which you can then share via your favorite social media platform – a number of other tools that help you manage your account, including a list of your “likes,” which you share with friends, and the ability for you to “like” and “unlike” your favorite people on your feed – and more.

    It also provides instructions for setting up your accounts, as well as links to additional resources for users and their communities.

    DHS has also announced that the toolkit will be released as a free download in the coming months.

    DHS says it will offer additional tools and guidance in the future.

    For more on how to set up an account, see TechCrunch’s post.

    DHS did not release an official list of affected agencies.

    But a DHS spokesperson said the tool kit is a “first step” in “building a new capability that helps law enforcement officers protect their communities.”

    DHS is offering free access to the tool to the DHS Cybersecurity Professional Corps (CPSC) and DHS Cyber Security Fellows who have completed training to help secure public-facing websites, according to a DHS blog post.

    For information on how DHS is helping law enforcement organizations, see the DHS blog.

    DHS’s tools are available through the DHS’s Office of Information Assurance (OIA), which oversees DHS’s Cybersecurity Operations Center (COOC).

    DHS says the tool is part of COOC’s effort to develop and implement “the most advanced and secure information technology” to support national security, but does not specify what those technologies are.

    For full instructions on how this tool kit works, see DHS’s blog post on how the tool works.


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