Andheri, Mumbai
Andheri, Mumbai

Social Media Optimization

SMO Packages

Prices that suit your Budget and create a Positive Brand Impression

Want to increase your social presence and promote your brand? We have a suitable SMO Package just for you.

STARTER Package: 15750/- Per Month+2835/- GST Total: 18585/-

Any 2 Channel Optimisation

Minimum Duration – 3 Months

Billed in advance every 3 months

VISIBILITY Package: 24750/- Per Month +4335/- GST Total: 29085/-

Any 3 Channel Optimisation

Minimum Duration – 3 Months

Billed in advance every 3 months

PERFORMANCE Package: 35750/- Per Month +6435/- GST Total: 42185/-

Any 4 Channel Optimisation

Minimum Duration – 1 Month

Billed in advance every month

BOOSTER Package: 45750/- Per Month +8235/- GST Total: 53985/-

Any 5 Channel Optimisation

Minimum Duration – 1Month

Billed in advance every month

Compare Features of Each SMO PACKAGES

To save you from any kind of confusion, we have made it easy for you to choose the right package.

Find out exactly what you get on subscribing to one of our affordable packages. Each package has been crafted carefully based on your business



We have helped many businesses build their brand through Instagram promotion and drive massive traffic to help move them into a positive situation. Staying consistent is very important and the more transparent you are the better results you will get! We tell all of our clients to post up to 2-5 times daily in order to achieve optimal results while we are running your Instagram promotion campaigns.

90 percent of clients that start with us on Instagram have been with us since! With our exclusive targeted campaigns we can get very specific to the type of follower you are looking to attract. When you place your order we will be in contact right away to set your campaign up and go over your targets.

Likes Per Photo Campaigns Below

Whichever option you choose you will receive that amount of likes per photo each day for 30 days.

The purpose of this campaign is to help boost the amount of likes you receive automatically on each picture you post.

You will receive that range of likes on each picture which will also increase your chances of landing on the popular page and bringing more attention to your overall content and brand.

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Targeted Traffic Campaigns Below

Targeted Follow For Follow technology that will drive in targeted and real users to your page daily.

We can target other users fan base to drive in followers that are more likely to react positively to your content.

This Instagram promotion targeting is the only current way to drive in dedicated traffic on instagram.

Choose from the options below

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Boost Your Followers On Instagram

Choose The Amount Of Followers You Would Like To Boost Your Page With. This is for the purpose of boosting your numbers on Instagram.

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Instagram Video Plays Campaigns Below

Drive Attention To Your Instagram Videos And Increase Views.

Instagram recently updated their video system by allowing viewers to watch your videos and rate it with a viewing system.

We promote each video by delivering views that could increase your chances of getting on the popular page.

Choose the video instagram promotion option below

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YOUTUBE Marketing

We are the leaders in video marketing with over 15 viral videos under our belt and over 5 billion organic views delivered to indie & Major artists alike.

First thing we do is submit your video to our blog networks and partners.

This will build momentum in your video being on the front page of music blogs.

We utilize blog promotion and social media sharing to complete your video marketing campaign. Drive real YouTube Views to your video today! Call us for custom campaigns or email us directly

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Depending on what your goals are we can run strategic marketing campaigns to help build your brand on twitter.

We offer targeted Twitter Promotion campaigns, Fan Acquisition, Followers, Re-tweets & Favorites, and more.

Join over 5000 businesses that utilize our Twitter Promotion! If you need guidance or if you would like us to build a custom strategy for you please contact us

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Facebook Promotion For Businesses

Facebook Promotion is vital for businesses to grow their brand.

We offer complete Facebook promotion options to help build your overall brand on Facebook. We offer options where you get engagement on your content.

We promote your posts and your page.

Our main objective is to drive attention to your brand leading to more overall engagement and brand awareness.

For custom campaigns please contact us directly.

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